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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 12:31

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News and Activities


Providing quality manpower for the OCSC at People's Republic of China.



7-9 April 2014 - Mission to provide quality manpower for OCSC at People's Republic of China, Integration between Senior Executive Service Centre and Education and Training Abroad Centre, is the monitoring of students in 1 District 1 Scholarship (ODOS) project, UCAS’s students and government scholarship students who are studying at various universities in the People's Republic of China. The objective is to hearing problems and monitors the students' education to adjust strategy of education management in the country that is becoming even more important in the present.



Strengthening the human resources management of the provincial administration.


2 April 2014 – Centre for HRM Competency Development for Government Agencies and Provinces, FY 2557 (Q1 - Q2 ) has undertaken a project seminar . “Performance Management “for the head of government in the region covering 39 provinces. Total number of participants was 1,464 people.
               The objective is to create knowledge and understanding about the link between organizational goals and results driven. Transmission planning and performance indicators. Defining the indicators and target values ​​individually. And the evaluation of the performance of official duties, clear and concrete. To be performed accordance with the Executive’s performance effectively.



OCSC Civil Service Day 2014