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Office of Educational Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy is responsible for Royal Thai Government students who have been granted scholarship to further their education in Australia and New Zealand. Our office performs the role of guardian by caring for students under our jurisdiction and handling their educational and associated financial affairs.

Our responsibilities are as followed

  1. To provide support, encouragement and offer reliable information, provide effective consultation service on education for Royal Thai Government Scholarship students
  2. To coordinate with all universities on tuition fees, progress reports and relevant activities
  3. To coordinate trainings and study trips for Thai civil servants and Thai government officials to expand knowledge and experience to benefit the Thai civil servant system
  4. To motivate and inspire for all Thai Government Scholarship students to successfully completing their study and return to fulfil their duties in Thailand
  5. To work closely with other Thai government departments as part of Team Thailand and perform other specific tasks

If you are in Thailand, please contact
Educational & Training Abroad Branch, Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC)
Pistsanulok Road, Bangkok 10300
Tel. (02) 2819544
Fax.(02) 6286202

For information on Royal Thai Government Scholarship, public service news update, public service reform etc., you may consult Office of the Civil Service Commission website:

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