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The Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC)

The Office of the Civil Service Commission or the OCSC is a government agency with the Secretary-General as the head and reports directly to the Prime Minister. The OCSC serves as the secretariat of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the central human resources management agency of the civil service. It supports government agencies in managing human resources and promoting the merit system in the civil service, which enables officials to perform their duties professionally in line with merit, ethical standards, and good governance principles. This will ensure public benefits and national sustainable development.


Roles and responsibilities of the OCSC


As prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations on the Organization of the OCSC, the Office of the Prime Minister B.E. 2552, the roles and responsibilities of OCSC are as follows:

  1. To carry out duties for the CSC and the Merit Protection System Committee (MPSC) and perform other duties as assigned by the CSC and the MPSC
  2. To provide recommendations and advice to ministries and departments with respect to rules, procedures and approaches of public sector human resource management
  3. To develop, promote, analyze, and conduct research related to policies, strategies, systems, rules, procedures and standards of human resource management in the civil service
  4. To monitor and evaluate human resource management in the civil service
  5. To carry out workforce plans in the civil service
  6. To be a human resource information center in the public sector
  7. To set and implement civil service human resource development strategies and coordinate 
  8. To promote and carry out welfare activities and elevate human resource life quality in the public sector, coordinate, disseminate related information, and provide advice
  9. To carry out activities regarding the King’s scholarship and government scholarships in accordance with the civil service HRM policies so as to allocate scholarship recipients as civil servants in Ministries, Departments or government organizations after they have completed their studies
  10. To assist public sector personnel and scholarship recipients under the care of CSC and supervise their studies, as well as collect fees for educational administration in accordance with the directives or regulations set by CSC
  11. To accredit degrees, vocational certificates or other credentials for the purpose of instatement and appointment as civil servants, and determination of salary rates or remuneration as well as position levels and position categories for such credentials
  12. To maintain personnel records and oversee retirement of civil servants
  13. To provide an annual report on human resource management in the civil service for submission to the CSC and the Cabinet
  14. To perform other duties as prescribed by laws to be the roles and responsibilities of OCSC or others as assigned by the Cabinet, the Prime Minister or CSC.
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