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สำนักงาน ก.พ. (OCSC)

Strategic Plan

Vision, Mission, and Strategies


          The Office of the Civil Service Commission aims to reform human resource management and enhance civil servants as well as all public sector employees’ performance and integrity to gain confidence, trust, and support from all stakeholders in its mission to serve the nation and the people.


  1. To resize organizations and reduce labor costs to an appropriate level to ensure cost-efficiency and productivity in public administration
  2. To decentralize human resource management and improve related mechanisms to provide flexibility and align with changes as well as each government agency’s operational context   
  3. To raise the bar on each individual’s performance and deliver better results, while ensuring flexibility and work-life balance to meet demands and increase satisfaction   
  4. To review the roles, missions, and capabilities of human resource management organizations to drive IT-enabled innovation   

Strategic goals

  1. To achieve agility and efficiency in civil service human resource management
  2. To boost professionalism, integrity and ethics among civil servants and public sector employees, and ensure fairness at work


  1. To improve the regulations governing all aspects of human resource management from recruitment, development to retention to facilitate their implementation and provide flexibility  
  2. To provide recommendations and advice, to share knowledge and best practices on civil service human resource management and development
  3. To develop understanding of and engagement in civil service human resource management and development among civil servants and public sector employees  
  4. To encourage civil servants and public sector employees at all levels to develop themselves to achieve the required competencies 
  5. To promote knowledge sharing among central personnel administration agencies and maintain civil service human resource management standards  
  6. To instill morals and ethics in civil servants and public sector employees 
  7. To promote an organizational culture that values diversity in a systematic way 
  8. To constantly monitor and evaluate the mechanisms for civil service human resource management  
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